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The Chancellor's Autumn Statement will take place on 29 November. Visit this site for Deloitte's expert commentary on any tax issues covered in the statement and the 2011 Finance Bill.

Deloitte's analysis and commentary on the 2011 Budget on Wednesday 23 March will also be appearing on this website as the date approaches. Follow our Twitter feed for ongoing updates.


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Magnifying glass "Amongst the tax rises of the most severe Budget for decades, there was definitely a focus on business growth.

It's probably fair to say that the capital gains tax changes were not as bad as had been feared. Individuals will need to consider the April 2011 bundle of tax cuts and tax rises together. Basic rate taxpayers will see a tax cut of up to £200 pa, due to the increase in personal allowances of £1,000. The VAT increase, to 20% from 4 January 2011, will cost the average household up to £200 pa. Overall, it's probably the case that the lower half of the income spectrum will not be worse off - but the upper half will bear the brunt of tax rises." Read more

What the Budget means for:

Annual decreases in corporation tax rates balanced against slower relief for capital expenditure will have businesses reviewing their affairs.
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Some welcome simplification measures for pension remuneration and opportunities for employers.
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The big news is that the headline VAT rate has been increased to 20% from 4 January 2011.
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Increased rates of capital gains tax more closely align income and capital, with a welcome extension to entrepeneurs' relief.
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View Deloitte's expert commentary.
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How will entrepreneurs and their businesses be affected? Find out more.
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